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What to expect?

A comment I often get from my clients in their first session is that they don't know what to expect and are looking forward to discovering what they will learn.

Behind the question mark on our faces, when we begin this journey, I mainly see curiosity and an inner will to find a tangible path to transformation to a more purposeful and prosperous life. These things are truly connected to our vision of happiness and success.

Before understanding my money patterns and behaviours, I experienced such challenging expectations of myself and sometimes of others. It became a limitation more times than I would've wanted, making regret and sadness become conflicts in my journey to a more fulfilling and prosperous life.

I believe that expectations are one of our main motivators to do the things we do. There are standard parameters from our collective history that we have made part of our belief system. But, ultimately, expectations are unique to each individual and what we have known.

In the money coaching process, some things we learn include understanding our expectations about what we value, what we have learned across our life journey, and what we desire. We also embark on understanding the emotional impact of expectations on our progress and accepting them as part of a new set of enhanced strategies to empower ourselves instead of letting expectations rule our decisions. We become aware of our potential to trust the outcome instead of our anxiety.

Wouldn't it be awesome to feel safe, confident, and wise around all our money matters?

Simply click here to book a FREE 20-min Discovery Call to find out how.

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