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From Adversity to Empowerment: Confronting Identity Theft and its Financial Impact

When I was about 18 years old, I discovered that someone had been using my pictures and identity to scam people in other countries. Despite not being famous or involved in any business at the time, I was targeted because of my passion for performing arts and my online presence. It was a shock to learn how this person had manipulated others into giving them money using my identity.

Speaking with some of the victims, who had been misled into believing they were interacting with me, was eye-opening and deeply disturbing. This experience left me feeling misunderstood, powerless, and unsafe. To make matters worse, I later found out that the perpetrator was someone within my close family circle.

This event had a profound impact on my personal life, self-worth, and sense of safety. Even though it happened many years ago, it still influences many of my decisions, especially regarding my financial and career goals. It was a direct attack on one of my core values: integrity.

Through my Money Coaching journey, I've recognized how this experience has affected my success and my ability to achieve my financial goals. It revealed a pattern in me that we often see in Money Coaching: the tendency to "stay small to stay safe."

Now, I'm facing my fears head-on by launching The Money Awareness Podcast | TMAP. This podcast is not only about sharing valuable insights on money and personal growth but also about reclaiming my public face and identity. It's about changing the narrative that once prevented me from trusting that having a public face could be used against me.

I'm excited to announce that the podcast will feature great guests with creative occupations, sharing their unique perspectives on money, creativity, and personal growth. Together, we'll explore how these insights can empower us to live authentically and achieve our financial goals.

I hope you find value in this podcast, as I share my story and insights to empower others to live authentically. Stay tuned for updates, and thank you for joining me on this journey of transformation and empowerment.

Follow the news at @moneyawarenesspathway on Instagram, LinkedIn and Youtube.

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