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Hi! My Name is Victoria

My mission: to Empower Creatives through Money Coaching and Finance Consulting!


Through my work, I've gained valuable insights into the patterns, emotions, and behaviours related to money, and I've seen how creative decision-making can make all the difference in achieving financial success.

At The MAP | Money Awareness Pathway, I specialize in creating a safe space to talk about money while providing coaching, mentorship, and training tailored to the unique needs of creatives. Whether it is for your personal or business endeavours, I will help you map out the twists, turns, and obstacles along the way. 


My goal is to ensure my clients feel empowered, in control, and capable of managing their finances effectively. By transforming money from a daunting challenge into a supportive ally, I help you focus on your passions and creativity without financial worries.


I also host a podcast called TMAP | The Money Awareness Podcast, where I chat with amazing guests about money and creativity!

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Your Guide

Victoria is a creative and finance professional with a background in film and media, production, events and art.


She is a Communications & Art enthusiast who loves to dance and help others. She is a curious human with 15 years of experience working in diverse creative fields and, for the last 6+ years, with an emphasis on the VFX & Animation industry. 


While getting her University degree in Economics, she realized what inspired her most was how humans behave around money. Because of this realization, she has devoted her focus and interests to different areas of Finance, such as Accounting, Human Resources, Marketing, Project Management and Cost Control.

Now, as a Certified Money Coach (CMC) ®, she believes that helping other creatives gain financial confidence and clarity is her chosen path.  A path that aligns with her values and talents.

Victoria Mateo Finance Professional Money Coach for Creative Professionals

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