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Navigating Entrepreneurship: Overcoming Doubt and Promoting My Business

As an entrepreneur, overcoming self-doubt and the fear of putting myself and my business out there was one of the biggest challenges I faced. This has been one has been one of the most pivotal stages in my money journey. Through money coaching sessions, I realized that I needed to address my mindset first to effectively promote my services, and it has empowered me to start taking the right actions.

It might sound obvious, but taking the simplest steps can be surprisingly challenging. That's why money coaching has been foundational to my progress, keeping my accountable and motivated. Here are some key lessons I've learned and practical steps I've implemented along the way:

  1. Seek Feedback and Support: I reached out to my network for marketing suggestions and feedback. Their insights were invaluable and helped me refine my approach.

  2. Engage Locally: Attending local events allowed me to connect with new people face-to-face. These personal connections have been crucial for my business growth.

  3. Practice Patience: Growth takes time. I’m learning to understand what I call the “biological age” of my business. Like I learned in Coaching/Therapy with Esther Leon: Just like people, businesses grow and mature at their own pace. Do you know what your business's biological age is?

  4. Stay on Top of Admin: I worked on my bookkeeping and admin tasks that I had neglected, ensuring every aspect of my business was in order.

Support from loved ones, like my fiancé and family members, has been a tremendous motivator on tough days. I'm a strong advocate for therapy—it's been instrumental in my journey, and I encourage everyone to consider its benefits. Spiritually, daily affirmations such as "I believe in myself and the value I provide" and "I’m worthy of getting paid for my work" have boosted my confidence.

It’s been a roller coaster, but I’m proud of how far I’ve come. If you’re struggling with promotion too, don’t be afraid to seek help from professionals and your community. You've got this!


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