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How The MAP has transformed Money Journeys

Hi! Victoria here,

sharing how honoured and inspired I feel witnessing the transformative journeys of individuals through The Money Awareness Pathway (The MAP).

As their money coach, seeing clients achieve their financial goals and navigate profound shifts in their money mindset is incredibly fulfilling.

On this page, you'll find heartfelt testimonials from those who have embraced the journey with us, gaining deeper financial awareness and empowering themselves to lead more confident and purposeful lives. These success stories speak volumes about the power of understanding and mastering our relationship with money.

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Client's Testimonials

MC - U/X Designer

"Through the COMPASS program, I identified the main blockers on my path to success. I realized I needed a career switch and the courage to face certain situations I was previously unaware of. I gained numerous tools for my everyday life, making me a better professional and a better person."

AS - Holistic Therapist and Artisan

"Recognizing the value of past money trauma has been transformative.

The COMPASS program helped me see how I can reshape my reality by addressing and understanding my past"

SM - Interior Designer

"I've gained more confidence in my talents and skills through the COMPASS program. As a kitchen designer, I have organized my business and continue to make pottery for my next project without feeling nervous about what's coming next."

JA - Photographer

"The COMPASS program made it easier for me to open up and communicate about money with my partner."

AB - Animation Development and Production Manager

Victoria helped me restructure my mindset about money, teaching me to harness its energy rather than consumed by it. Through her coaching, I learned to channel that energy into building my own business. I am very grateful for her coaching and guidance.

SC - Senior Marketing Specialist

"Knowing my archetypes was extremely helpful. The COMPASS program allowed me to learn about my patterns of behavior and how they influence my financial decisions."

AE - COMPASS & ROAD MAP Programs Client

Victoria has walked me through a whole new world of finance awareness, reconnecting with my resources and giving them the value they deserve. It has been an amazing journey (that will continue) to bring awareness about my relationship with money, money patterns, beliefs and behaviors. To honor those I am grateful for and forgive those that could deviate me from my goals.

Victoria has been a wonderful companion in this process, sending a follow-up or support message when needed, this feels great and motivated for more.

Money coaching should be something everyone should gift themselves to gain self-knowledge and re-purpose their financial goals.

EL - COMPASS Program Client

I had the privilege of receiving Victoria´s money coaching services. Her wealth of experience as a finance and economy specialist and insightful guidance as a coach was instrumental in helping me identify opportunities for improvement and unlock my capabilities to handle my personal and business finances.
Through her robust MAP methodology, I found solutions for my money blocks and the steps to keep track and avoid reverting to previous patterns.

Victoria’s professionalism, insights, and support make her an invaluable asset for anyone seeking growth and peace of mind in money-related issues. I recommend her services to those looking to elevate their relationship with money using a proven method that works.

AB - EXPLORATION & The MAP Circle Client

Victoria’s guidance has been nothing short of transformative for my financial well-being.

As someone who used to harbour anxiety about money, I found myself trapped in a cycle of fear and scarcity. But Victoria’s approach shifted my perspective entirely.


She helped me restructure my mindset about money, teaching me to harness its energy rather than consumed by it. Through her coaching, I learned to channel that energy into building my own business.

Now, I enjoy better work-life balance, and my relationship with money has blossomed. Abundance flows effortlessly and I feel prosperous. I am very grateful for her coaching and guidance.

SC - The MAP Circles Client

Victoria's Money Awareness Pathway is such a great tool for people to learn more about their relationship and approach to money. Knowing your behavioural patterns and approach to it gives you the clarity to plan and manage the impact money has in your life. Victoria also has a very gentle, non-judgmental and discreet approach during the workshop, creating a safe environment to explore this delicate topic. If you're initiating your path to manage and invest your money, I'd recommend reaching out to Victoria first. Get to know yourself better to set the right goals of investment!

MC - COMPASS Program Client

The process with Victoria was so much more than working on my relationship with money, which on its own was amazing. She helped me deeply understand where I was standing in my career, and unlock a lot of questions and courage for a new phase in my life. As a psychologist, I was surprised at how valuable and complimentary a process like this can be to any psychotherapy.

With a lot of patience, care, and great skill in listening, she guided me through a transformative self-discovery process. I felt heard and understood. Not only I learned about my past and present, but I finished with a set of tools that I use daily to this day.

I'd truly recommend working with her to anyone looking to know more about themselves, learn new skills, or just progress on their career. Thank you Victoria for this amazing journey!

Are you ready to transform to Money Journey?

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