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Hey There

My name is Victoria. I will be Your Guide on this journey.

I would love to hear about what brought you here and Discover more about how I can help you find your path. 

You can also learn more about me in the section below.

Your Guide

"Clarity and Creativity are my guides and best allies."

Victoria is a creative and finance professional with a background in film and media, production, events and art.


She is a Communications & Art enthusiast who loves to dance and help others. She is a curious human with 15 years of experience working in diverse creative fields and, for the last 5+ years, with an emphasis on the VFX & Animation industry. 


While getting her University degree in Economics, she realized what inspired her most was how humans behave around money. Because of this realization, she has devoted her focus and interests to different areas of Finance, such as Accounting, Human Resources, Marketing, Project Management and Cost Control.

Now, as a Certified Money Coach (CMC) ®, she believes that helping other creatives gain financial confidence and clarity is her chosen path.  A path that aligns with her values and talents.

Victoria Mateo Finance Professional Money Coach for Creative Professionals
Money Coaching M.A.P.

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M.A.P. Money Awareness Pathway

A Short Story

about a M.A.P.
M.A.P. Money Awareness Pathway

As a teenager who graduated too soon from high school, I was a 15-year-old full of creativity but unsure of how to use my skills. Career-wise, I thought I knew what path to take that would make me a respectful human. Yes, following the ideas of society and the learnings I took from my family. I had to study something that would allow me to MAKE MONEY.


I felt guilty if I did not do what I was supposed to do. I felt ashamed whenever I wanted to resign from that idea and pursue a more creative occupation. I had to grow up fast as I needed to be big and focused because I had to be an adult already. I was lost, lost from who I was and wanted to be. 


I searched and did not understand what my purpose in life was. I wanted to know how I could live a fulfilling life and not fear how I behaved and felt around money. I remember some classic (and scary) comments like:


"If you are an artist, you will die of hunger."

"You will be broke if you pursue a career in the Arts."

"The Arts won't pay your bills.”

"Creative careers are too expensive."

"You won't make enough money if you are an artist."

"Hustling is part of the journey to make money as a creative."

and so on.


I was trying to map out a "reasonable" course. To picture this path without a reference on where to go was very difficult. My inflection point appeared after I realized the toll I was paying for hustling. My body was letting me know through my health and my emotional well-being. 


For many years, because of trying to make standard ideas work for me instead of creating my path, I was dealing with guilt and shame while living paycheque to paycheque. I was exhausted and worn down, I had lost so much weight to the point that it was concerning, and I was pretty sick, stressed, and lonely.


It is difficult to ask for help since our guilt and shame of not knowing what we are supposed to know are too difficult to address and understand. It also seems like there is some flawed belief in society that we ought to know how to behave around money matters. I wish this were something we learn in school, even when we get a degree in Economics. 


The most important thing I learned is that every path is unique. I wanted to make the right choices for myself and needed someone to help me understand what I valued and how to work with it and not around it. I am grateful for having the right people beside me, giving me the support and guidance I needed to improve my decision-making process and define my personal goals.


With the help of what I like calling great mentors, I understood that I could not make my way to my financial fulfillment based on what other people thought. My M.A.P. needed to be outlined based on what worked for me. Fortunately, that put me in the right direction to be my most authentic self.


As your Guide and Money Coach, I will go on that journey with you and help you create your unique path. When you feel lost, we will look at the compass together and understand the pathways that you are to take.


You are already here, where you can start a new path.

You want to know if I can help you with your relationship with Money?

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