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Hi there! Victoria here,

I'm excited to share these empowering tools with you. Whether you're a creative diving into finances or simply looking to enrich your money mindset, these resources are here to support you.

From practical worksheets to inspiring guides, each freebie is designed to make your money journey educational and enjoyable. They're crafted to infuse fun into your creative process while enhancing your money mindset.

Explore and discover new ways to embrace a healthier relationship with money!

goals tracker.png

Goals Tracker


A practical tool for creating and tracking strategies, whether daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly.

Each checkmark signifies more than just completing a task—it's a milestone achieved, no matter how small. 

This tool has been instrumental in my journey, empowering me to track progress and celebrate accomplishments. It's versatile and powerful, an ally for success and fulfillment.

Grand Scale Imagining Exercise


Ready to unleash your imagination? 

Remember, it's all about having fun! I encourage you to grab a pen and paper – writing helps your ideas flow!

Take your time, and let your imagination run wild. Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths, and dive into a world of possibilities!

Grand Scale Imagining Exercise.png
expense tracker.png

Expense Pattern Tracker

Day-to-Day Tools

Meet your new Expense Pattern Tracker! This tool helps you to easily track spending, identify patterns, and stay on budget in a more appealing way. Start tracking and watch your money awareness grow!

The MAP Empowering Wallpapers

Day-to-Day Tools

Download The MAP's Empowering Wallpapers for daily affirmations on your journey to financial success! Choose your favourites and elevate your mindset with each glance at your phone.


Storyboard & Questionnaire - The Money Adventure

The MAP's Creative Tools

Creating a storyboard is an exciting and creative way to visually plan your story or project. Imagine this as your Money Story, where you embark on a Call to Adventure and meet two guides—the Warrior and the Magician—strategic allies on your financial journey.

How would your adventure unfold?

The Money Adventure of _____ The MAP Inc. .jpg
The Money Story Questionnaire - The MAP Inc.jpg
The Money Adventure Characters - The MAP Inc. .jpg
The Money Adventure of Ally Prowess - The MAP Inc..jpg
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