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The Money Awareness Pathway, or The MAP as we call it, is a Money Coaching step-by-step process created to guide you in your creative endeavours through a journey of self-growth and reflection, focusing on the money aspect of your life. 

The MAP will guide you through thoughtful decision-making that will help you to uncover deep layers of yourself, generating a transformative experience in which you will find new ways to use and envision your finances.

The MAP will serve as a bridge between what has been keeping you from moving forward in your relationship with Money and a more steady, skilled and empowered journey through an inspirational and creative pathway.

Welcome to The MAP.

Money Coaching Money Awareness Pathway

What is Money Coaching?

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What Our Clients Say

Prototype Designer

MC, Psychologist & UX + Service Designer

"My key takeaways of COMPASS were: Understanding the main blockages I had in my path to success, understanding I needed a career switch and to be brave in certain situations I wasn't aware of. I learned a lot of tools for my everyday life to become a better professional and a better person"

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