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Complimentary Sessions


(20-min Money Chat)

Enjoy a complimentary 20-minute, judgment-free, confidential space to talk about money.

In this call, we'll explore your unique financial needs and goals together.

  • We'll chat about your money concerns and aspirations.

  • Whether you're feeling stressed, aiming for new financial heights, or simply unsure where to start, we'll explore what matters most to you.

Imagine it as a chill coffee chat about your finances—no pressure, just open conversation. Let’s see if I'm the right fit to help you on your money journey!

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Consulting Clients

(60min Money Chat)

Tailored money coaching and consulting services for business clients.

  • Address financial challenges, strategize for growth, and optimize financial management.

  • Receive actionable insights and expert guidance.

  • Sessions available as part of comprehensive Finance Management & Consulting Packages—details upon request.

  • Integrated with The MAP’s strategic leadership development and finance consulting services, offering:

    • Strategic Leadership: Empower creative leaders with comprehensive Money Mindset Development programs, personalized executive coaching, and mentoring. Includes facilitation, conference talks, and business lunch and learns.

    • Finance Consulting: Improve financial processes, systems, and performance through tailored solutions. Includes five 2-hour group or individual sessions.

    • Financial Management Solutions: Streamline finance department processes, optimize ERP system implementations, and enhance bookkeeping and accounting services. Includes Lunch & Learns, Trainings, and day-to-day financial task management.

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