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Ready to empower your creative journey with a transformative money mindset?
You've come to the right place!

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What The MAP Offers
Individual Money Coaching Sessions

The right path for you if you've identified specific money challenges and seek clarity and direction to navigate them effectively.

​Empower your creative journey with One-on-One money coaching sessions to map where you are now and chart where you want to go.

Money Coaching Programs
(6 - 8 weeks)

The right path for you if you're ready to reshape your money habits, offering personalized strategies and ongoing support for financial fulfillment.

Empower your creative journey and money mindset through self-discovery and actionable steps.

Finance Consulting for Creative Businesses

The right path for you and your team in creative industries, seeking to turn financial challenges into strategic growth.


Empower your creative journey with personalized coaching and strategic finance solutions, turning confusion into clarity and inefficiency into organization.

Master your Money Goals!
Get to know your money habits with The MAP's Expense Pattern Tracker. Easily track spending, spot patterns, and stay on budget with style!
More Money Empowerment Tools available in our Freebies Page.
Get Inspired!
Join our growing community of listeners tuning into TMAP | The Money Awareness Podcast — where creativity meets money in conversations with amazing guests!
Discover Your Money Archetypes!
Start your journey to financial clarity with The Money Type Quiz.
Uncover what your unique money personality says about you.

Not sure where to start?

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